Nazi Zombies, Ray Guns and Magic Chests

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Call of Duty: World at War Box 360Early in the development of Call of Duty: World at War, myself and the Lead Level Designer at the time, Jason McCord, were trying to come up with cool “extras” for the game. For example, CoD 4 had the airplane level at the very end of the game which arguably IW could have shipped without. At the time, we didn’t have anything planned besides “competitive co-op,” which is a lot like arcade mode in CoD4, just co-opified.

We had kicked and idea for an end sequence in CoD:WaW where you’d be placed in a bunker which you couldn’t leave. To your right would be a German officer screaming at you to get on some MGs, and to your left would be those MGs mounted on a window over looking a beach. It was then the player was supposed to realize that you were on the beaches of Normandy from the German perspective, and you had to mow down allies as they came up the beach. Eventually, towards the end of the credits, as the pace got to be too heavy and there were so many guys that eventually they broke through the beach head, you’d hear banging on the door to the bunker. A few seconds later, an explosion would rip through the bunker, knock you unconscious, and you’d be on the ground, facing up. An American squad would light up the place and a bad-ass US soldier would stop over you, slowly aim his gun at you and fire. Fade to black. Finish rolling the credits.

Hmm, actually, that still sounds pretty cool. Unfortunately, there was a lot of resistance against playing as a German, even though the players gets owned at the end and the Americans still win. What could have been a cool cinematic and interactive ending to the game never was.

Later in the project, we added some AI to the level “Little Resistance” (second level in the game) which had Japanese soldiers looking dazed after a rocket strike on their defensive line. These guys sort of stumbled around and every time someone saw those animations, they mentioned how they looked like zombies.

So months passed. One of our producers, Dan Bunting comes in and says “We want to do some extra content for the game, what should we do?” I still really liked the concept of being over run and not really being able to win. One thing that is common in most Call of Duty games is the feeling that you’re invincible, that when things go wrong you’ll be okay, and that everyone lives to see the next day. I think IW did a good job in twisting that safeness with two of their levels in particular. The level where you’re being led through the streets of a Middle Eastern city in the back of a beat up car and eventually shot in the face by one of the antagonists, and the level where you survive a nuclear explosion and eventually die anyway. Bonus points for making them crucial to the story.

Anyway, the first thing I asked Dan was if he’d ever played any “Tower Defense” games. He hadn’t, so I explained how the mechanics are pretty simple (guys come in, at the end of each round you use the points you’ve accumulated to buy various objects / abilities that will help you survive to the next round, repeat until dead) and we could do one fairly easily. Because tower defense games had been proved in Flash form time and time again doing our own version of tower defense could be a pretty big hit.

The model for the extra content I really wanted to follow was that of Geometry Wars. As you might know, Geometry Wars was a game that started as a mini-game in Project Gotham Racing 2. Eventually, the game became so popular that Bizarre split Geometry Wars out into a separate game, available on Xbox Live. This model for extra game content is ingenious for two major reasons: one, players get a really fun bit of extra content with a high replay value, and two, the development team can use this opportunity to explore and test new ideas and projects. If everything works out, the fans are happy and you have a prototype for another game.

A few hours after talking to Dan about doing the extra content, I was taking to one of our designers, Sean Slayback, about tower defense games and the proposal to make one. He mentioned a game called “The Last Stand“, which is a flash game where you play as a survivor fighting off zombies. Zombies run towards you and start tearing at a large barricade that is protecting your area. If they break through, you’re pretty much toast, so you move around in your little section of the screen shooting various guns to try to keep them from breaking in. The rules are pretty standard for a tower defense game but with some cool twists. After every round, you get some points which you can spend on building back your barricade, looking for survivors, and looking for new weapons. So depending on how you play, you might choose to get a new weapon, or more people to help you defend, or simply build up your defenses.

So, I played a few rounds and had a huge epiphany. “Zombie Nazis!” I thought to myself. You could do a lot of the same stuff here, but make it more interactive and more intense in the first person. What you you could actually buy barricades in real time? What if you actually could find and buy weapons in the level? What if you could unlock new areas that changed the strategy of the game and the flow of the enemies? Plus you could play in co-op! We have zombie-like animations already (the dazed guys), this is a no-brainier prototype! The engine supported all these ideas and I could immediately see how they could be implemented.

I immediately rushed over to Dan’s office. “Hey, so I have this idea, I think it’s going to be awesome. Let’s do a tower defense game where zombies are attacking a building you’re holed up in!” You could tell that he wasn’t sold on the idea. I gave him my pitch anyway but he wasn’t terribly impressed, even after showing him “The Last Stand”. He told me we wouldn’t have enough time to make it, doing such a game mode would require all new assets, it’d be a huge risk, the mode didn’t fit the theme of the game at all plus it would be too campy. However, when I started pitching the idea to others on the team, they seemed to love it, especially some guys that had played a lot of WarCraft or StarCraft and knew a lot about tower defense games (those blizzard game were where the Tower Defense craze got really popular).

I sat on the idea for a while. Later, I learned that Dan had grabbed a scripter and a programmer to implement his concept of what a tower defense game should be. It was named “Bunker Defense” and basically included sections of levels from the single player campaign. As you ran through the levels, guys would spawn in waves, eventually you’d encounter a flame guy, maybe some dogs. The problem though was that it was missing all the fundamentals of what makes a good tower defense game. You need to be able to buy stuff, rebuild, change your strategies, but most of all you have to defend. In Bunker Defense you were running and progressing through the level. In tower defense games you’re defending a particular area and you need to strategize.

Every week that went by more work went into Bunker Defense and every week was another week I said “We should drop this and do Zombie Nazis instead.” I always got the same lines. “Too risky,” “Too much work,” and so on.

After a few months, I decided to go off and prototype “Zombie Nazis” (originally Nazi and Zombie were flipped) over a weekend. I took one of the scary looking buildings from the Russian campaign, put boards all over the outside and made some contrast-y lighting. At first, I just used the dazed guy animations for locomotion, and had them “melee” through the boards to get into the building. I had doors you had to “buy” to open which unlocked the flamethrower, a couch you could “buy” to get up stairs, weapons on the walls you could purchase to get you into further rounds. All the core elements were there. It was rough but it got the idea across.

I showed off the prototype to a few people. The initial reaction was far better than I had hoped for. Other people could immediately see the potential, even with basically temp animations and limited geometry and script work. The prototype was immediately fun and got a range of positive reactions from people, so I knew we had a hit. The Creative Director, Corky Lehmkuhl, gave me the go-ahead to continue work on it. Dan, who had people working on Bunker Defense wanted to have both his concept and mine in production at the same time. After about a week though, Bunker Defense ended up being cut since it just wasn’t working out and there was only one programmer, Austin Krauss, assigned to making it work anyway.

Unfortunately, Austin and I were asked to work on Nazi Zombies in our spare time and on weekends since we were already in full crunch for the main game. We ended up doing just that. There were some features that were far from being complete. For example, in the prototype I had planned on being able to buy back boards but never got around to it. So once they were torn down that was it. At one stage Austin made it so you could buy them all back in one shot, and later he had it so you buy them back individually. I knew the board buying mechanic was a key part of the game play though, so I’m glad he got that working early on.

Our Lead Animator, Jimmy Zielinski, finally got around to playing the prototype and his head gibbed with excitement. “If you need any animations for this, just let me know.” I whipped up a wish list of animations and send them his way. The animators had a mo-cap session coming up soon, so he told me he was just going to get a bunch of zombie animations on the side.

One of my favorite parts of the “Nazi Zombie” saga is that, purely by chance, the day that the mo-cap session happened, one of the actors we had for the day actually plays a zombie at Universal CityWalk. So, here we are, working on this total side project, and as luck would have it we have one of the best actors possible for zombie animations. As a result, our prototype just got a million times better.

So, the animations looked awesome, which took Nazi Zombies to a whole new level. One of the artists, Cameron Petty, wanted to get involved and wanted to make special characters for Nazi Zombies. So, he zombied up the SS Honor Guard characters, made glowy eyes for them, and so on. We had a gibbing system set up from the main game, so we got special gibs made just for the zombies. Plus, we randomly burned some zombies in script so you’d get this mix of regular zombie guys and ultra-dirty, rotting looking guys.

Eventually we hacked in head gibbing. We didn’t have this feature in the main game (exploding U.S. Marine heads is offensive to a lot of people), but I figured out a way we could do it all in script. One bug we ran into was that a Zombie would run around with their head off and attack you every now and then. We actually thought it was awesome, and it stayed in, although we modified it so that guys eventually drop after a few seconds.

By this time I had moved the level away from the small house prototype and into one of the bunkers from the Pacific campaign. However, our Lead Multiplayer Designer, Chris Dionne, fixed up a bunch of geometry issues with it and made it not suck so much. I went in and adjusted all the doors and windows so that it fit with the game play better.

A few more weeks had passed, and Austin and I were still trying to put everything together on Saturdays and Sundays, even through we were working 12+ hours days Monday through Friday in addition to working on stuff for the main game on the weekends as well. I hate crunching, but we were super motivated to work on this.

I had the idea for the “Magic Chest” (people just starting calling it that, I used to call it the Mario Kart box) when we were still in the prototype phase, but never quite got around to implementing it. It wasn’t until we moved the prototype into the new map I started creating new interactive objects like the rifle cabinet, the treasure box (which was influenced from Mario Kart and a trip to Las Vegas) and so on. I knew that to keep the game interesting, there needed to be some randomness as well as some strategy to the game play. People simply loved going to the box and seeing what weapon they’d get so I knew it was a keeper.

The chalk outlines (where you can purchase weapons) didn’t come until much later, although you could always buy weapons even in the early prototype. I always wanted chalk outlines since day one. I sort of imaged it like the Hitman series, where there are outlines of weapons on the wall of your hideout, and as you progress they start showing up. Once our Lead Artist, Brian Anderson, starting playing some Zombies, he whipped up the chalk outlines, re-did the lighting and generally made it look pretty. He also fixed up the box with question marks on it, which was a nice polish touch.

So, in our spare time, we had this really awesome prototype going. Actually, by this time it was beyond a prototype. It was fully functional and fun, with rounds, boards you can buy back, actual zombie animations, near complete geomerty and lighting, a prototyped introscreen and so on.

However, at this point the thing is still buggy as hell still unbalanced (the first round would last like for like 30 zombies, it was just too slow) and Austin and I haven’t had a day off for months. We were at the point where we couldn’t actually work on it anymore, since the main game was requiring so much attention. There were plenty of points at which I was sure Nazi Zombies was going to be cut due to lack of man power. At one point Austin was pulled of to fight fires elsewhere on the project, so I thought for sure it was over.

Luckily, the upper management had the good sense to put our Lead Scripter, Mike Denny, as fully dedicated on “Nazi Zombies”, which it was now called officially. This basically brought the mode back from the dead (ha-ha). He fixed up a lot of remaining issues, polished the hell out of the various features (for example the couch was still just something you’d just buy and it’d go away, so he got had to idea to make it go up to the ceiling with FX) and generally just made it shine. We went back and fourth a lot with our Jimmy and another animator, Phillip Lozano, and played the hell out of it every night while doing tons of balancing on the fly to made sure Nazi Zombies played right. Early on you could get to like level 35 and beyond with ease. We wanted 10 to be the tipping point, with 20 being the point at which if anyone makes a mistake the game ends.

With only like a week or two before submission, I was satisfied with the game play but there was something still missing. Power-ups! I was heavily advised against it, but I added the four power-ups in a day of mad scripting. At first I just grabbed whatever models I could find that were kooky enough to be a power-up model. The original point doubler was a tea kettle. The first Insta-Kill was a crow model. Max Ammo was a rat, and the bomb was… well, a bomb.

Some people hated the drops at first. They had been playing a lot of Nazi Zombies, and thought it took away from the “survival horror aspect” of the game. But, that’s not what we were going for. Really, the most fun part about Nazi Zombies is playing with friends and seeing how long you can hold out. While the atmosphere is somewhat freaky, the game isn’t meant to be a serious survival horror game. It’s meant to be more arcadey and fun.

So the power-up went in, and all around the office you’d hear “GET THE BIRD, OH TEA KETTLE DOUBLE POINTS!” It was an awesome feeling. In fact, by this point in the project the team was mainly bug fixing and content locked (haha!) so everywhere you went in the office you’d see people playing Nazi Zombies. You could hear them across the office, yelling at each other for revives, talking trash about what levels they got to and how far, what strategies they used to get as far as they did, and so on. Nazi Zombies was the buzz of the office. People especially loved the Ray Gun.

The Ray Gun is another awesome, semi-accident that fit perfectly with Nazi Zombies. One of our weapon artists, Max Porter, did the Ray Gun as a total fun, side project for himself. One day he walked by and was like “Hey, want to see something cool?” That was pretty unlike him, so he brings me over to his desk shows me the the Ray Gun model in first person (it looked pretty finished minus the animations).

You should understand that we basically only see guys in olive drab carrying mp40s, thompsons, and garands all day, so this shit looked amazing. I knew then that we had to get animations, sounds and particles to make the Ray Gun shine. So, I went and grabbed our Audio Director, Brian Tuey, who was also amazed, and said he’d do sound for it. Our Particle FX Lead, Barry Whitney, said he’d do custom particles. Jimmy said he’d do animations for the gun. So, when it was all done, we had something that was just perfect as the ultimate Nazi Zombie killer. Once again, the stars aligned.

Meanwhile, Denny was still working full time on Nazi Zombies and adding a ton of polish to the power-ups as well, such as making the guys gib heads on insta-kill, guys catch on fire and gib when the bomb goes off and so on. Our Brian eventually gave us the new, shiny gold models you see today, which look much cooler.

I must admit I miss the crow though.

I could tell this was going to be an even bigger hit when everyone in the office is playing it and starting competitions. You’d hear screams all over the office when someone would get a bomb on level 16, or a max ammo when people are running low on ray gun ammo. It was a great way to pass the time when waiting for huge bugs or a disc to be burned. Competitive email chains starting going out with screenshots of the current Nazi Zombie score leader’s screen. One of our programmers hooked up the leader boards as a result. Another programmer and I hooked up the zombie crawls when their legs get blown out. Denny still plugged away, fixing all kinds of usability issues. I can’t stress enough how much more awesome Nazi Zombies became when he starting working on it.

Right up until the end we were finding little exploits. For example, people starting dying (on purpose) with the Ray Gun as you were given 160 bullets in the clip (full ammo) every time you were downed. So, people would sit at the bottom of some stairs, die, blast zombies, get revived and repeat. The tactic was cheesy as hell, but I’m glad people started using it so we could fix the exploit before it went out the door.

So, that’s it. A simple design with a cool theme, lots of luck, passion, and hard work from various team members who went out of their way to try something different. Sure, we didn’t get everything we wanted in there, but I’m fairly sure there will be more Nazi Zombies in the upcoming months. I really couldn’t be happier with the way Nazi Zombies turned out, all things considered.

154 Responses

  1. Lead Animator Says:

    My head has since been re-attached…

  2. MikeD (lead scripter) Says:

    Nice write up dude!

    One thing to mention is that the mode level/mode would not be as polished as it is without all of the people who did not go home, but instead played (not tested) the mode! Especially our IT crew!
    Something as simple as moving the pump-shotgun (aka trenchgun) to upstairs helped balance every room, and adding a opening at a specific round!

    “Who bought the couch!?!!?!”

  3. Aaron Milton Says:

    First off I am a huge fan of the call of duty series. Secondly I have been dying for a great zombie survival game. I always felt that if it were done right you could make an incredible game with zombies. I know Left 4 Dead is going to take a crack at the series but the “Nazi Zombies” game is incredible. I don’t really know where to begin with it. I know that I have already spent more time on it than anything else on COD and that I have been scouring the internet for strategies. I’m having a hard time getting by round 4 but I can’t stop trying. Please tell me there is a possibility in the future for a) more levels and content b) possible xbox live 4 player play? Anyway thats an awesome story and I’m glad you stuck with this. By the way this is way better than the airplane mode in COD4.

  4. Sir Haxington Says:

    I can’t really comment on a) either way for sure, but that would be a safe bet. As for b), you can definitely play on XBL with four people. In fact, four people is the best way to play it in my opinion!

    Round 23 was the four player record around the office a few weeks before we shipped, but I know two people in the office hit 27 somehow right before we shipped.

  5. C Boone Says:

    Hey. Just wanted to say that Nazi Zombies is absolutely amazing. Some of the most fun I’ve had in a CoD game before. Thanks for implementing it into the game, and sharing the write up giving us a look into the development of it.

    3 friends and I were playing Zombies for a fair amount of the day, and our record was round 12. Guess we’ll keep working on it. 😉

  6. Ian Roberts Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Nazi Zombies is absolutely brilliant. A friend and I just got past level 10 and felt really proud of ourselves — working on getting two more of our friends to buy the game so we can get past level 14. :) We played probably 20 games of it today.


  7. Aran Says:

    I haven’t even been on the mulitplayer since opening up Zombies, fantastic addition, so addictive!

    will there be more maps to defend though??

    One good one would be the building on Airfield, that overlooks the crashed plane, it would be good to have zombies pouring into the level, and you have to defend by sniping and ensuring they dont get into the building…

    Great game!

  8. Aran Says:

    We need more levels for zombies, although its a brilliantly addictive game, so much so that I haven’t ventured in to multiplayer since opening the zombies game, more maps to choose from would add so much to the game!

  9. Gus Dubetz Says:

    This game is Absolutly Unbelievable! The Strategy in this game has grown to surpass expectations. It’s awesome at how such a simple concept can grow to become much more complex and intricate. The massive amounts of Teamwork I have seen in Nazi Zombies is very compelling and will give you many chances to make new friends on Xbox Live.

    I have been playing Nazi Zombies for the past 3 days, and I don’t think I have ever spent so much time on an “Extra Game”! I mean, I play Nazi Zombies more than the “World at War” Multiplayer on Xbox Live!

    I think that this idea could possible branch off into the beginning of an entirely new game. The encitement and “Buzz” it has produced is even convincing players to buy the “World at War” just to try Nazi Zombies! I have come up with endless ideas that could be added to this game, and I am confident that if this game is expanded, the gaming industry will explode into Zombie Madness!

    Great job, I respect Nazi Zombies more than anything I have ever played.

  10. Tom Says:

    I could definately see a halo 3 sized release anticipation for a full blown Nazi Zombies game. IMO any FPS games without ADS lose out (Left 4 Dead). I just got to level 22 today, and still want more (research papers suck). When more maps come out that change the strategies slightly, this will be a big hit. I would totally fall for a sniper level like the hanger one mentioned above.

    Only thing I don’t like is that the bolt-action (unscoped) is useless after level 5. If it had a good head-removing capacity but still weak otherwise there would be nothing wrong with this game IMO. Bayonets would be fun, too, for those wild knifing frenzies during an insta-kill powerup.

    What about a limited ability to buy heavier-duty boards for windows? Or the ability to rebuy one internal barrier? There are so many possibilities to add more dimensions to the gameplay. It will probably end up like Starcraft did, with as many people playing the bonus as the regular online.

    How the **** does one person get to level 44? The eaderboards are insane.

  11. Brandon Says:

    This game rocks! I wish there were more buildings to pick from to defend.

  12. Randall S Says:

    To the designers:
    Great job. I love COD:WOW but Nazi Zombie mode is so different and addictive that I’m playing it more and more than regular cod multiplayer. It’s interesting how every little detail in the game can change the strategy. If you’re listening to ideas for “suggested, yet unconfirmed, upcoming content” I feel like increasing the number of players could be interesting, include different modes of play, honestly include any variant that you guys think would be cool. Every little detail changes the strategy you need to win, and honestly the strategy of winning is the real reason tower games are so addictive. More options, modes and maps would allow the players to have a lot more decisions to make strategy wise. This increases replay value. I have no training or real knowledge on the work it takes to accomplish my suggestions but if some of these are realistic I know I would appreciate them being considered.
    Thanks again

  13. Lead Animator Says:

    Behind you!!! I’m down.

  14. Gus Dubetz Says:

    New maps are for sure at the top of the list of things that Nazi Zombies needs! Many people on Xbox Live had agreed that new maps would be a great upgrade.

    I also recommend that there should be more interactive objects or abilities… Maybe adding Perks into the game? Or perpaps having the ability to Mount an MG or a Browning to a window? What about having the ability to place Landmines? I say that players should have the ability to actually go outside the building also. This could open up a lot of new ideas (Including Landmines) and would make the game much more strategic.

    I hope you guys keep working on this! It’s Awesome!!

  15. Tom Says:

    What about upgradeable guns? That way you could keep a gun that you like, instead of having everyone using a ray gun and a browning in the endgame.

    You could have an ability to buy more powerful ammo as well as the ability to buy attachments such as scopes and bayonets. With two customizable weapons, people would be able to use their favorite guns in zombies while having an alternate weapon to experiment with.

    Once again, your hard work in this game is much appreciated by everyone. Nazi Zombies is an instant classic.

  16. Aran Says:

    “WTF is this guy doing, OI! get your own window…”

    “Cover me dude!”

  17. Vosty3 Says:

    Im sure your aware that people are boosting in nazi zombies. The community wants it fixed desperately. On youtube there is a glitch were you get inside of another guy I am sure you have seen it. But me and another guy were searching so that we could submit them to you and found yet another level boosting exploit! Please get back to me, the community wants a fix as do I. I dont agree with boosting it totally messed up the leaderboards!!!

    My Video Proof:

  18. Vosty3 Says:

    On a side note:
    I would pay 60$ just for nazi zombies it is the most fun I have had in gaming in a long time!!! Simple concept however it takes a lot of planning to achieve higher levels. As a 4 man team we have made it to level 26 multiple times and our goal is 28 which is my honest opinion the highest a 4 man team can get without exploits!!!

    Any plans to add more maps to this amazing gameplay mode? We beat it midnight release in 4 hours just to get straight to dominating the zombies!!!

  19. Silent Z 720 Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for all of your ‘volenteer’ work on Nazi Zombies. Its great!!! I would have bought just that level for the same price as the whole game. You guys did great work.

  20. Mike Says:

    Nazi zombies is great, as soon as I heard about it I knew i’d be playing it loads. I got the game on release day, finished single player the night after and since have been playing zombies non-stop. I think the only things to change are getting new levels and taking the glitches away that people are starting to use. Thanks for the greatest bonus mission ever!!!

  21. Sir Haxington Says:

    Don’t worry, zombie exploit fixes are on their way. We’ve already got them fixed at the office, it’s just a matter of testing them properly and getting them out.

  22. Vosty3 Says:

    AWESOME!!! U GUYS RULE… Also do you have plans to restart leaderboards?!?

  23. Cory Says:

    Good to hear a fix is coming

  24. Vosty3 Says:

    Best Game by far you have done since COD UO!!!

  25. Found NEW GLITCH... 1st LOOK - Call of Duty 5 Glitches Says:

    […] Re: Found NEW GLITCH… 1st LOOK GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYONE: Developer Mastermind of Nazi Zombie’s Answers concerns about exploits… Sir Haxington Says: November 20th, 2008 at 4:10 pm Dont worry, zombie exploit fixes are on their way. Weve already got them fixed at the office, its just a matter of testing them properly and getting them out. In the Trenches Blog Archive Nazi Zombies, Ray Guns and Magic Chests […]

  26. Blade Stabeler Says:

    Hell yeah, Jesse. Nazi zombies is a massive hit. How much do you want to bet that Treyarch does a spin-off zombie game off this? Zombies are so “in” right now too and Nazi zombies is damn popular and growing. Only makes perfect sense.. bummer that your idea is THEIR idea :( New content would make buckets of money on this. You should be getting paid out the ass for this, if life was fair :)

    – Blade

  27. Aran Says:

    Sir Haxington! What about additional maps?? Are the team going to be releasing any?

  28. jordan Says:

    Yes please reset leaderboards.. 2 ppl have now just boosted to lvl 96.. kind of ruins the competetive fun in it.. although its still awesome to play with some friends for fun!

  29. - Vosty3 Says:

    CAN I JUST SAY THANK YOU… And wow you fixed it so quick even the couch glitch I found is fixed! someone in the group can still get into a glitch were he is protected. We will have video for you hopefully today. I hope it all gets fixed before you reset the leaderboards!!!

  30. wasn Says:

    Hey you know you should make it if your killed by a zombie your a zombie spawning outside not just watching until next round i love your campaign mode

  31. Gus Dubetz Says:

    I bet they will, but it probably won’t be released for a few months… Well, unless they spent more than weekends on new maps…

  32. xXsensesFAILxX Says:

    Please reset the scoreboards if people got there without glitching then they can suck it up and do it againg. we was ranked 3# on ps3 and now these glitchers ruined it if you dont reseta nd then fix the glitches people will be at like 30+ and stay there..

  33. sanata Says:

    how many levels are there

  34. Sir Haxington Says:

    The latest fixes are on XBL and active now, so some of the glitches have gone away. However, some new ones have been found. We should have them fixed next week.

    As for the leaderboards, we want to make sure we fix as many possible exploits as possible before resetting them. We want to minimize the amount of leaderboard resets we have to do – it’s frustrating for everyone to have the scores reset all the time. I would expect having them reset this week, but it’s entirely possible it could be the week after. It really depends on if new glitches are found and how complicated they are to fix.

  35. Sir Haxington Says:

    Santana – there’s only one level at the moment.

    Trust us, we know how popular the mode has become and we are listening when people say they want more zombie maps.

  36. Zombie murderer Says:

    The zombie mode is awesome and I and many of my friends would love to see new maps/levels even if we got to pay for them.
    Great job guys.


    Nazi Zombies is by far one of the most fun parts about Call Of Duty: World at War. I seriously played it for like 4 hours in one day. Even though i really want to rank up in cod, i still love it. It would be cool that the higher the level you get to the more exp you get? b/c its kinda annoying not getting any exp at all. also alternate maps would be cool. great job guys!

  38. Adam Says:

    Sir Haxington, I thank you for being on top of this. I am trying to find new glitches so I can help you out! (P.S. – I think new maps would be great too, but glitch fixes and resets come first!) Thanks a bunch, Adam.

  39. jason Says:

    Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies,Nazi Zombies.we love it, get us some new maps and we’ll buy them:)

  40. nazi Zombie glitiches.... - Call of Duty 5 Glitches Says:

    […] Re: nazi Zombie glitiches…. Quote: Originally Posted by crazypsychoman9 nice try there is a dev team for that I guess now your going to tell me "Sir Haxington" isn’t Jesse Snyder too right? lol Here is his site… and xbox avatar is on there 2… In the Trenches Blog Archive Nazi Zombies, Ray Guns and Magic Chests […]

  41. Joel Joyce Says:

    It’s amazing what passion, hardwork, and management willing to listen will do to a video game. Some of the best ideas are the simpliest ideas. Keep the ideas coming and don’t stop. You all did an amazing job.

  42. Telixion Says:

    What about adding a feature to the map that has to do with the top 10 on the leaderboard or even just the #1 guy. Like maybe To the right of the Help door where the wall is being shined on by the light. Perhaps you could have the top ten people in a list. or something like “This is(gamertag). I have survived (#) days.”

  43. C Boone Says:

    Wow, from 4 comments to 42, this blog is shooting up.

    I would just like to once again thank you developers for adding this great mode into the game, it’s really one of the most enjoyable things I’ve played in a while.

    You guys are so awesome.

  44. Gus Dubetz Says:

    Yeah, theres so many comments because everyone is looking for more Nazi Zombie info on Google or Yahoo, and they find this.

    I like that Leaderboard name idea though.

  45. Tom Says:

    This might be off topic, but are there ever going to be rewards for completing all the marksman and expert challenges like in COD4. I find it disappointing that people who just have a lot of time on their hands get prestige mode (and the extra custom slots as a reward), while ppl who do the challenges get less xp than I can get in a few headquarters matches.

  46. Adam Says:

    Question for the “administrators” posting here(please answer): As of now, are there any features that you guys are considering to add to the game?

  47. xSTLx_SYNYSTER Says:

    Jus wanna say NZ is a great add on, 23 was hella hard to get, we ran out of ammo and i was over for us, we rushed to grab any gun we could but the trench gun couldnt hold them off.. The whole team had ray guns and was out of ammo lol..

    On another note, my crew cant wait for new maps gun, etc.. that would be hella insane, i know we would pay for stuff like that..

    Again, thanks for the great add on..

    – SYN

  48. John_Brian_K Says:

    I love the game. I have been a huge fan of bunker defense games and Zombies since I was a kid.

    I love the idea of new maps. I would pay for them.

    I also like the idea of maybe tweaking a few things like adding different pers etc. I would not be upset if it stayed the same though and new maps were added.

    VERY well done. The game a s awhole is great and I have not stopped playing the Nazi Zombie mode since I first played it.

    Level 19 with 4 others so far.

    Keep up the good work!

  49. Robert B Says:

    Nazi Zombie is the best multiplayer mode i have seen! Me and 3 other buddies play it each and every night! Thank you for your dedication and hard work! In my opinion this is even better than left 4 dead entire game! :)

  50. Dave V Says:

    My son and I and friends from work are addicted. I’m almost 50 and the people I play with range in age from 25 on up. I would pay $60 for a complete Nazi Zombie game, no problem. Get to work. Oh, thanks for the wonderful mayhem.

  51. Burdenlicious Says:

    LOVe it. This mini game is so much fun and everyone who plays is “zombified” a whole smashingly hard (self contained game) available for download would be just awesome. We want more “Call of Zombie!” “call of the dead” ” Zombie Duty” Zombie Doody” “Zoobie”

  52. jjuptown93 Says:

    Greatest most addicting game i ever played. COD5 alone was great but the nazi zombie bonus made it simply the best. The first time i played it i couldn’t stop shaking. I tried 2 play it by myself and i was freaked out. Then i played multiplayer and i was making it to level 11 and higher.
    Maps would be greater and more destructive guns. The glitches ruin the competitve part but hey no one is perfect. I am curios of what was the highest level made without glitches. Great bonus mode Thanks a bunch without Nazi Zombies i wouldve been on level 60 online LOL.

  53. Aran Says:

    A few challenges in Zombies would good, since I’m not levelling up in MP cos I’m too busy ridding the world of zombies!

  54. ben Says:

    Hands down the most fun best part of the world at war game. additional zombie levels would be absolutely amazing, i would even pay for them. Nazi zombies is a blessing, I sit at home with all my friends and we dont spend precious college money going out every night because we are too busy trying to beat our records on zombies haha. Thank you for making this amazing game, MORE MAPS!

  55. Mike Says:

    Nazi Zombies is one of the best / most addictive games I have played in a long time. I would gladly pay for some download able content for it.

  56. Jaambageek Says:

    My friends and I had not had a chance to play for a while (about a week). Now that we got back to it it seems harder. Is it just us or did an update make it harder?

    Previously we could get up to level 15-16 fairly consistently die at that point. However last night we had a hard time passing level 13. The Magic box seemed to give alot less Brownings and Ray guns.

  57. josh warren Says:

    Me and my friend alone got to level 26. A crawler got me and then my friend couldn’t continue on his own, but if it weren’t for that crawler, we would have gotten to level 27. I took a video of us switching to level 26, and then when it says game over. We are trying to find out what the high score is for 2 people, and we think we have it…..Anyone know if it is higher than 26???

  58. Chris Says:

    Nazi zombies has almost gotten my girlfriend to leave me over how many hours I spend trying to get past wave 25. My god, my life would be over if you release additional paid content. It’d be heaven.

  59. Gus Dubetz Says:

    I bet you guys could make massive ammounts of money off of this game. (Extra Content) Hint* Hint*

    Also, players call the Zombies with no legs, “Crawlers”… Thats boring guys….

    My Friends and I call them “Ankle Biters”! 😀

  60. Chris Says:

    This game is incredible. It makes the game worth buying, me and my friend played for 5 hours. We only made it to round 12. I guess we need practice:[. My strategy on solo mode is, as soon as i get enough money to get into the “help” room i buy the double barrel shotgun and forget about repairing windows, now what to do it run around the house blasting zombies as you run by (particularly large groups of them.) Dont worry about dying if you manuver well you should avoid getting to close. You usually will have enough to get into the help room and buy the shotgun by round 4. I have made it to round 8 doing this. This is not wise because i understand there is no way to win by doing this, but it is still pretty damn fun. By the way does anyone know how many waves there are in teh whole game??? Or is it just repetitive untill you die?

  61. Mark R. Says:

    Great job on the game. Thanks for putting all the extra hours in just for our benefit. It feels like a lot of game companies just throw their products out the door now and many of them have flashy graphics but the game play sucks! Thanks for a quality product with all the goods and extras to boot! Happy Holidays!

  62. Surlatum Says:

    I Applaud the tremendous work put into this. as an aspiring game creator myself I aim to produce and fully release a flash version of Nazi Zombie’s later this year as part of a university project. (avoiding any copyright issues of course!)

    My Highest legit score as of now on the PS3 is round 33, I would whole heartedly prefer for the leaderboards to be reset provided all glitches are sorted and me loose this hard earned round so I may have the joy of seeing my true online rank admired for its authenticity again and Telixion too his 40+ effort was fantastic. Until i found this site It felt as though our voices ammong the ps3 and xbox live audience where not being heard!

    please as a suggestion to everyone else who has not yet heard this fantastic news announce fully on forums everywhere that the glitches are being dealt with and the leaderboards WILL be reset and we await confirmation from you.

    Thanks again


    p.s. See you on the leaderboards telixion

  63. GlowLive Says:

    GREAT IDEA! I bought and completed cod5 just so i could play nazi zombies. The rest of the game is good too, but it doesnt compare to the zombies. I dont use the ray gun, i strap on two of the 500 round machine guns and stand upstairs and mow them all down. i have hit level 14 by myself this way.

  64. Aran Says:

    The internet rumour mill is hard at work pounding out rumours about Nazi Zombies.

    Ok, the last one I heard is a ‘5 storey building’ map is in developement?

    Obviously, this needs to be taken with an over sized pinch of salt. Sounds like fun though.

    My current lvls
    Lvl 16 with 1
    Lvl 20 with 2
    Lvl 22 with 3
    Lvl 24 with 4

  65. John Says:

    are there more maps out. personally i like to glitch a little because it give a new twist. i know you probably wouldnt tell me if there is but is there a way at all to get out of the building. i know there is a way to get out on PC but that is with a mod or something. and if there are more maps coming out are they going to be the same maps that the PC has?

  66. Andy Gazzerro Says:

    Nice Idea!
    My friend played through the campaign so we could play with three people. We only got to 22.
    I thing the first few rounds should be a bit faster paced, as they get boring quickly. I’ve also noticed that occasionaly when I repair a window, I don’t get any money for it. I have not seen any mention of it either…
    Anybody else with the same situation? Any Ideas why?

  67. Gus Dubetz Says:

    It’s understandable that people want more maps… But is that really it?

    First off, I think that Nazi Zombies could use more “Interactive” actions. Perhaps something like a door that can open and close, but still be destroyed and repaired.

    Second, the first time I picked up a “Deployable MG42” I thought that I would actually be able to “Deploy” it and mow down zombies from a window. The “Deployable” part should be added…

    Heres a few more things that I think should (Could) be added.

    Russian Weapons?
    Japanese Weapons?

    Thanks for your time aye.

  68. Aran Says:

    Gus, I agree with the door idea, being able to close the hell room door would be great, it should cost a shit load though, and should only hold the zombies back for a limited period.

  69. Aran Says:

    Andy Gazzerro, I think you can only repair a window so many times in a set period of time and get points for it. If it awarded points all the time you could keep a zombie at a window and repair it indefinitely getting loads of points.

  70. john Says:

    i would just like to thank everyone that was involved with this game for all of your hard work. it was by far the GREATEST payoff for beating a game EVER!!!! i always get my friends to play when they come over. and we would all LOVE to see some levels for download.

  71. dsaz for ps3 Says:

    NEw levels plz over all great game

  72. dsaz for ps3 Says:

    by lvls i meant for nazi zombies sorry

  73. scortcher Says:

    the game is absolutley briliant. big up to all involved.
    But alass i am a pc user and cant seem to get the knew maps working i have them all downloaded. and in my mods folder.

    wot about an update with the knew maps in it that way evin the plebs out there like me will be able to get them working…

    this could go really far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Dave V Says:

    Can someone please create an Xbox360/PS3 mod for this game? There are plenty of PC maps but we need some for the consoles. My son and I have played this for hours… if only he would study that long!

  75. Sam Says:

    Lately, my NZ has been resetting itself. I have the feeling that others have experienced this as well. I had to start the campaign over again (not a big deal seeing as it’s not long), but I don’t want it to happen again. Plus, NZ was apparently unlocked for everyone, but this wasn’t true for me. Is this a big problem for anyone else?

  76. Hamster Says:

    You unlock Nazi zombies at the end of the campaign on the console versions but a mod could possibly unlock it on the of version.

  77. Domelopper Says:

    Sir Haxington,

    Can you please give some weigh in to the currently raging debate as to the best Zombie Nazi map strategy?

    Two primary methods have risen to the top, and it would be cool for you (and your other lurking development team members) to weigh in with your opinions. (Obviously, everyone plays differently.)

    Strategy 1:
    Unlock “Help” room and hole up in there for as long as your team can hold out. Then move up to wall where grenades can be purchased to make your final stand.

    Strategy 2:
    Unlock both couches, and hole up in the room, but keep the “Help” door closed.

    Surely you guys have favorites of how to go about it. You designed it…so what strategy do you guys use?

    PS, it is a GREAT game, and you (all) should be proud of how much your side/pet project means in terms of fun to a LOT of gamers. Kudos!

    Xbox GT: Domelopper
    Thumbs of Fury – A blog about video game development from the start

  78. Sir Haxington Says:

    It’s funny. Our first “uber strat” was Strategy 1 – stay near the chest for as long as possible, then move to the “grenade room”, back against a wall and have one guy in change of just throwing grenades over and over. However, we started getting beat by another group of guys on the team that were using Strategy 2. So, we switched and found that Strategy 2 was more effective for us.

    The reason for this was that in Strat 1, one slip generally means the game is over. There isn’t much room to maneuver in that room. Also, you miss out on potentially cool weapons by being so far away from the weapons chest. Strat 2 offers closeness to the chest plus lots of room to get away if something goes wrong.

    However, I’ve heard of people getting past 23 and 24 using Strat 1, which we could only ever get to like 20 or 21, so your milage may vary.

  79. Alex Says:

    Can you tell us when we can expect to see new upcoming content?

  80. Domelopper Says:

    FYI, I created a thread on the Xbox Live forums to discuss strategies over there and get community votes.

  81. Domelopper Says:

  82. Hamster Says:

    Just to ask is DLC Being thought of at developer meetings as it would probably be financially viable. Great game tho even without dlc

  83. In the Trenches » Blog Archive » Activity Books and Spartan Robots Says:

    […] as you may or may not know I worked on a little something called Nazi Zombies. Seems like those nasty Nazi Zombies are getting more traction than I thought. A few links people […]

  84. fooy Says:

    Best mod ever! but many still cheating at this.
    my highest level is 62 alone without cheats.
    My video on You tube:
    “nazi zombie level 62 by fooy”

  85. ian Says:

    to be honest the actual game COD 5 isn’t that good. but Nazi Zombies is the best thing ever! you guys should release a Nazi Zombies specific game. i would buy it. And actually Nazi Zombies does fit the WW2 theme cause there is a theory or story that the Nazis worshiped the occult and stuff like that.

  86. adam haney Says:

    man you are my hero me and my friends do nothing but play nazi zombies.i got to 22 once.did you see the hackers sign in was hilarious must just make you grin.any plans for new maps??find me on ps3 shobbles or[ol]shobbles

  87. Hamster Says:

    Come on give us some news!

  88. paul l Says:

    I love nazi zombie i just heard about the new dlc and i cant wait till it arrives. i cant even imagine how diffrent strategy will be with perks. the highest level ive gotten to was 27 on two player co-op with no glitches please take the glitches out of the new game i hater people who use them it would be nice to have a leaderboard where no one has cheated

  89. Hamster Says:

    So what’s the zombie asylum going to be like? Great news on dlc for march! Hurray!!

  90. Flayhugh Says:

    You are a brilliant man

  91. Flayhugh Says:

    Excellent game. My suggestions are adding more customizable gameplay such as more maps, perks, guns, interactions

  92. Davoose Says:

    This is the greatest game EVER but do u plan on making more maps?

  93. Hamster Says:

    Is the Asylum going to be harder to defend than the first building or easier?

  94. ArmorBlog » Call of Duty zombies inspired by The Last Stand. Says:

    […] Read the whole post here – Nazi Zombies, Ray Guns and Magic Chests […]

  95. Con Artist Games » Blog Archive » Call of Duty Zombies inspired by The Last Stand Says:

    […] Read the whole post here – Nazi Zombies, Ray Guns and Magic Chests […]

  96. Rez Says:

    Wow, I have to say, Nazi Zombies is the best! I have not seen many of the comments (only 25ish), but I do have some good vibes from Perks-a-Cola, Elec. Barriers, etc. I was wondering, do you get to choose your P.a.C.? Are EC barriers like a time consuming process (i.e. a Sabotage bomb)? Can you get a perk for that? Is Verruckt actually the MP map Asylum, or is it one of the new three, or completely original????
    Thx, -Rez

  97. In the Trenches » Blog Archive » One Year! Says:

    […] most popular post? The one about Nazi Zombies, of course. However, the gamer Myers / Briggs personality type post gets quite a few hits as does […]

  98. Termi Says:

    In COD5 WaW i got to level 31 in Nazi Zombies, and i were playing alone, and no i didnt use cheats, i used a bug.

  99. tommy Says:

    love nazi zombies i wonder HOW MANY ROUNDES THERE ARE i got up to round 17, people say there are infinity and others say they’ve “clocked it” also whats the cheats on ps3. oh and love the ray gun, u guys got a mean imagianation!!!

    love it

  100. Hamster Says:

    The people who say that they finished it are liers as the rounds go on forever. They probably glitches their way to a lvl thre friends havn’t got to then said it stopped there.

  101. Dave V Says:

    Verruckt freaking rocks. More please.

  102. Taylor T Says:

    needs more levels but holy this game is addictive its awesome

  103. Hamster Says:

    Veruckt is actually easy at the start and if you stay there then it is easily manageable. Great map pack tho want more.

  104. Gusman Says:

    The new map is great. You guys built it as if it were part of the Campaign!

    I guess you actually turned it into a Project that the entire team worked on aye?

  105. Steven Knichel Says:

    Very nice work on Nambi Zotzees! I can’t believe how addictive it is. Of course there are people who boast level 500 and greater etc, and there will always be glitches, but excellent game none-the-less.

    The only suggestion I would’ve had if this had been brought to me as a prototype, is to eventually set up that Bunker Defense mode as a chain tower defense game. Say there’s a horde of THOUSANDS of zombies in a crash site or something, you and your system link team must navigate through the horde and into these bunkers, but as soon as you get in them, Zombies want to follow you- rounds could’ve been simple “killed 5% more zombies than last round, starting at 100 zombies” or something similar.

    I’m not going to ramble too much but I’m really excited just having read this write up- great job, wish I could’ve been a part of it. Good Luck in future script endeavors!

    -Steven Knichel

  106. Na-Zoms Player - **** Ultimatum Says:

    Yo, I am a serious gamer on many games. Up there is my xbox live gamertag and my playstation network I.d. There were many glitches that were found on the game “Nacht der Untoten” which were cheesy as hell! but ask all of the players we all miss them. I don’t mean to rush anything, but the gamers get bored easily waiting for the next nicely done and awesome game. But all of the gamers that play Nazi Zombies (Na-Zoms) miss all of the glitches, and we all want to see a lot of new maps and gamemodes that go along with nazi zombies. My friend and I we frequently play nazi zombies instead of the normal online game. in fact We use the online game to warm up for nazi zombies so we can kick more ***. but do a survey, do something, the people are unsatisfied and need more things to keep them occupied in the game.

  107. Dave V Says:

    NZ is a near perfect game. Challenging, rewarding and it never ends. More maps please, Verruckt is awesome but we want more. Forget the WWII multiplayer maps, concentrate on Zombies.

  108. Hamster Says:

    why won’t the blog ppl tlk?

  109. Ryan Says:

    I just want to say that this is a really great game and I am glad that you got to add it WaW. The one thing I would like to add, and know after reading your post about how much fun your office was having playing it would be that you should be able to play zombies with 4 players on two 360’s, I have a bunch of roommates that also love this game and we have two 360’s and would love if there was a way we could play together without having to each have a 360.

  110. ashley Says:

    can u stop fixing the glitches it makes the game better like when u can get out sife the map that is fun can u make sum glitches up or can u un patch the old 1s thatm you

  111. joe Says:

    hey man i love zombies, do u know whether ur holed up in a house in map pack 2 or not?

  112. SPC Cory Says:

    I am currently in Kuwait and I have been playing Nazi Zombies everyday I get done with a mission. You guys did a hell of a job building this game. Me and my buddies would come back to our chews after work and play till we fall asleep. I congradulate each and everyone of you on building this game. Job well done.

  113. Sam Says:

    Great to know this story but also kind of disappointed because after seeing the ray in Little Resistance and all three zombie maps, I thought you guys planned a hidden side story for the game at the beginning, but it’s OK. I am sure you guys are thinking about some more interesting story lines for the zombie mode. Just look at how many people on the internet are trying to fit the first zombie map into the story line. I am sure you won’t disappoint us.

    Right now I have all three zombie maps on my computer, plus tons of custom zombie maps. This game should really be called Call of Duty, Zombie Warfare.

  114. Threatt11 Says:

    “ahh crap, we got a no mic”
    “damn” “hey, hey you, crouch if you can here me, he didn’t crouch” “oh damn!… im down” “revive me”

    no mics running around, crouching, killing and lets me die… rofl

    but true

  115. Threatt11 Says:

    ohh and one other thing… COD WAW was not a well built game… there are too many glitches, and the damage of the guns and melee were not balanced out right… but in nazi zombies is the only well put together thing about this game… great job

  116. nafo2k9 Says:

    2 new map packs in around 1 month no one wants to dish out 16 quid worth of points we dont have it.

    please do a zombie mode on castle it would be awsome

    make an nuke that blows up every zombie and ends that round

  117. nafo2k9 Says:

    campaign side mission where u find zombies also german leader zombies

  118. DVoorhees Says:

    i love nothing more than playing nazi zombies, the amount of effort that it seemed everyone put into it, deffinatly seems worth it, i originally played it rounds a friends house on co-op, i immediatly went out that afternoon and bought cod 5, completed it to get the nazi zombies, then realised you could play online without completing, what im trying to say, is i love it, and everyone i know does

  119. Dean Parkin Says:

    You should make it so you can have more than just 2 weapons. Like if you manage to get a ray gun from the mystery box, that can be the third weapon. So if you have a colt & trench gun then take your chances with mystery box. If you get the Ray gun, you can keep it aswell as the colt & trench.
    Then, as it is difficult to actually get the ray gun. If you really wanted to swap the ray gun for lets just say a waffle from the box. You can and that will give you a colt, trench and waffle???
    Or of course, after say round 30, you grow an extra arm from the radiation of the ray gun or waffle and some how manage to get access to a third gun. As im sure everyone would agree, at say round 26 and onwards you cant actually survive with the amount of ammo just 2 guns provides!

    Anyway, keep up the good work! Anyone add me…dudeyPWNstar

  120. Gibs Says:

    I think, instead of fixing every glitch, have a few (such as ones where you must purposely go somewhere to get ‘invincible’) that, once fixed, would make you explode when you attempt to use them. That would better emphasize “DO. NOT. DO. THAT!”

  121. alex haydon Says:

    please please make another zombie map. i suggest expanding the quote from nikolai in shi no numa “i think the red menace would be interested in this” you could make each factions headquarters for research in to the zombies and element 112. start with russian as it is clear from above quote that nikolai is familiar with this .please

  122. James Harris Says:

    Absolutely amazing game. Deserves to be on the shelves as a game in its own right. More levels, more guns, tweeks, perks and definately a level editor. Put this massive fan following you have to work for you, they can upload levels, share them.
    Map packs are a little expensive as I only wanted the zombie levels haha.
    You have struck gold with this game, such a simple idea, well implemented. Me, like a lot of others are waiting to see what happens next. Good luck

  123. Osvaldo Urbina Says:

    its a excellent game entertaining and rel great especially shooting the zombies butr the little problem is that ya should of made it 4 players without getting online. it would be cool if it was 4 players without getting online

  124. Zombieziller420 Says:

    Holy shit its the best ever. please please please come out with more levels and ideas. it needs to keep going. its so much fun and the best thing to do while sitting around getting stoned. you fuckin rock.
    thank you for all the zombies ive killed!

  125. Cardhu Says:

    My son and I completely with Ursvaldo Urbino – 4-player split screen cooperative would be a vast improvement.

    We are a family with friends who often visit. When it comes to the basic scenario of 4 people in one room with one couch, one TV, and one PS3, the PS3 game market does a very poor job of providing games that can be enjoyed in cooperative play together. CoD WaW and its minigame Nazi Zombies are no exception.

    We realize that Nazi Zombies is very popular. We respect others’ opinions and their rights to express those opinions respectfully. Certainly CoD WaW is a very commercially successful game and that is a great thing for Activision, Treyarch, and their customers.

    However, my son and I have a slightly different opinion.

    CoD WaW and Nazi Zombies are fun arcade shooting games. We enjoy playing them cooperatively – in small doses. But being military history buffs, we can’t help but be distracted by the many mistakes in detail.

    Nazi Zombies is especially distracting for us. Nacht der Untoten started out true to the sense of being presented with an astonishing horror near the end of the war – an atmosphere that immediately popped and vanished the first time we saw floating powerups and the ray gun. After that, each successive map became increasingly absurd with the wunderwaffe, teddy bear, perk vending machines, hellhounds, monkey bombs, and finally teleporters and vending machine weapon upgrades.

    We think that the best thing about Nazi Zombies is the PC version map toolset. The toolset allows us to make maps that make a lot more sense.

    This is just our personal opinion. We intend no disrespect to anyone. Rather, we applaud the toolset for helping to let people develop missions suiting their own tastes.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  126. Skootay Says:

    Superb, hooked love it. What a struggle to get it in too! :)

  127. HO minid OH Says:

    lol, that last dude needs to put down the video game and grab a history book or video at least… if you want something THAT authentic why dont you enlist… its a video game and its for fantasy, ie teleporters ghost teddy bears… why would anyone really want to play nazi zombies in something that is as bland as 1945? lol, i mean with that logic technically zombies would probably be harder to imagine than the concept of using a power up icon to represent an airstrike(bomb), supply drop(max ammo) or an adrenaline rush(insta-kill)…

    as for the lvl editor, im kinda peeved that it isnt already available for ps3 and xbox users… now i have to buy an incredibly expensive computer that might just get bricked because some internet virus just so i can make maps to my taste?

    I love your work, but please put this map creator into the console version of the full game you guys are coming up with, otherwise i would rather be kickin ass in modern warfare 2… Especially with all the people boostin… more than 2 guns is awesome but getting out of maps or climbing couches only serves to nullify the leaderboards. thanks again for your dedication and time well spent. you guys all deserve a vacation from coding and playing video games 12 hours a day, i mean i do that everyday for fun but you guys are getting paid so its different…

  128. HO minid OH Says:

    oh and zombieziller420 is totally right… lol especially cause all you need is a crawler, a splif, and some faygo and youre set for the day with this game. lmao

  129. Greg Says:

    I love the game and would love to see a new map pack. I played zombies for hours every day and was at the top of my friends list for all 4 maps. I’m getting bored of the same maps tho pleese I beg come out with a new map pack or better a full zombies game with a campaign and lots of maps. I wouldn’t want to see everyone go to mwf2 so pleese!

  130. Joe Wilburn Says:

    I just happen to come across this site bc I was looking for some strategies for nazi zombies. Let me say this… I don’t really like to play games. I will play them with my son but just bc he wants me to. I played zombies with him for the first time about 2 months ago and holly shit I can’t quit!! I’m talking 20 games a day! My wife is even getting pissed! I mean I even feel bad bc my son wants to play and I keep playing online! You guys did outstanding with this game! I love it! I gotta say if you would make this its own game I would pay it for myself, to hell with my kid!  My only thing is this. I get the “unbeatable game” concept however I’d like to see it at least have some type of ending just a very very very difficult one. Ie maybe 50 levels in each map. Also I would suggest that you fix the screens so that when you play split screen its not 2 little screens. I think the full top and full bottom work better bc it gives you the full width to see. Side by side (and with the screens being small) even on a 55 inch flat screen is tough to see (at least for old guys like me!) Other than that and of course adding more mappacks I would NOT change a thing. Thx

  131. Joe Wilburn Says:

    oh and allow us to have 3 weapons!! Not like the zombies don’t have the upper hand anyway… :)

  132. Chris Says:

    When will map pack 4 come out i want the final nazi zombie level

  133. Chris Says:

    Treyarch should just make their own zombie apocalypse game it would totally beat Left 4 dead
    like make the story line based on the book world war Z

  134. Foofighter62 Says:

    Just got the game for iPod touch which only has natch der untoten, and verruckt. I don’t have an xbox or ps3 and there are no zombies on the ps2 or wii version of cod waw so when it came out on the iPod touch I was so amazed. Though it was five pounds and I was unsure first, when I bought it, the graphics are better than a ps2, but just one thing, whoever here, who worked on NZ for the app store (treyarch) could u bring an update with more zombies coz I fond my self getting to round 27 on this. But when I went on my friends xbox with him I only got to round 14.
    Ps. If u can’t bring an update with more zombies could u make a different difficulty above regular difficulty with more zombies or at least make them harder to kill. (and could you add a crawl and jump button, and maybe some scoped weapons. If any of these are possible I’d love to see them) pss. I envy your job

  135. Garrett Says:


  136. Garrett Says:

    nazi zombies is the bes game ever.

  137. Paul Says:

    Is there going to be a map pack 4 being realeasd soon on xbox 360?

  138. Paul Says:

    there is alot of talk about it being released. one website said you could upgrade everything and there was new guns and a 4 level building with more animals and all kinds of new cool stuff

  139. R.MacK Says:

    Honestly this is the best thing about any of the COD’s. I find it frustrating the amount of glitches tho, people are content to just sit in a glitch and shoot zombies that are just standing about, where’s the challenge in that?!!!
    I have had problems with boarding the windows back up and not getting and points for it.
    I hope to see more of the same in black ops, which looks amazing!!!!

  140. SoManyGoodGames / The Last Stand: Union City is looking for Beta testers Says:

    […] The Last Stand was one of the most played Flash game ever.  It even inspired games such as the zombie mode in Call of Duty: World at […]

  141. xander Says:

    Nazi Zombies needs to have its own game!!!!, i know plenty of people who would be willing to buy it myself included

  142. NZ slayer Says:

    WOW!!! Nazi Zombies is the best zombie game I have ever played. I’ve played every single map except for Verrukt and Der Reise but I know the storyline (CURSE YOU SAMANTHA) but honestly best zombie game ever. PS Bravo to all the hard work and effort put into it.

  143. zombie stalker Says:

    lets hope its gonna have it own game

  144. GhettoGunfighta Says:

    Great read Jesse and really interesting to read about the fairly humble beginnings of the juggernaut that Nazi Zombies has become. I agree with @zombie stalker, it would be amazing for it to get its own game!

  145. How Nazi Zombies Got Started And The Game That Started It All - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards Says:

    […] Zombies Got Started And The Game That Started It All Its Alot The Read But Very Interesting Source This Is The Game That Started It All The Last Stand __________________ My Youtube […]

  146. Andrew Says:

    One thing you guys should have added is a difficulty selector, it’s annoying for people like me that arent that great at zombies that id like to be able to see all the easter eggs but always die before seeing most of it. especially when ive paid for the content on xbox live, I feel like i’m only getting half of what I paid for.

    Not a whinge, just an opinion :)

  147. R A 5 K E L L x Says:

    Nazi zombies is the best game mode ever made in my opinion.
    Im kind of sad that we have just had the last map pack for black op’s. I personally would buy map packs every month if they were available.
    I really hope that they make a full retail zombies game, it has the fan’s to be a huge success and could become one of the greatest games ever.
    Please if anyone from treyarch see’s this, MAKE A FULL GAME!!!!

  148. IIXCommanderXII Says:

    Thank you!

  149. That GUY called tim Says:

    @R A 5 K E L L x – i have been saying this ever since shi no numa but alot of people including myself think that is they did do it, it would’nt be as good due to the name, a lot of people buy CoD because of it’s name, if they made a game just for zombies it would have to be a CoD series game and not a on the side game.

    what i do think they should do is bring out more then one map when bringing out a map pack because no one ever cares about the online map they only get it for zombies so if they bring out 2 or 3 zombies in one map pack that would be brilliant. and so story is jumpled they should make it so that you have to do an Easter egg on the first one or something of the sort to unlock the second one, which would aslo make people play them both instead of just one.

    Thanks and sorry for bad spelling, i have minor dyslexia

  150. MustangTF141 (From Twitter) Says:

    I have an idea for Treyarch for a game….its called Zombie Warfare and it mixes with the story from Black Ops and WaW……the Nazi Zombie one at least , reply on Twitter if your interested

  151. GKnova Says:

    Make a separate game…

  152. Lydia Says:

    Nazi Zombies is AMAZING. It’s the only reason why I play BlackOps.

  153. Anthony Eckler Says:

    This is the single hands down best/only video game me and all of my close friends ever play. amazing job, good sir. Hazaa!! lol

  154. djlo Says:

    love nazi zombies! best part of cod. please make a standalone game.

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