Halo 3 Stencils

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Halo Difficulty Level StencilsAs you may know, I’m into geocaching quite a bit. I’ve found some really cool caches, and some not so cools caches. I always appreciate a well made cache much more than most cache you find out in the wild. Some caches are pure awesome. You can tell the person hiding the cache put a lot of effort either in creating the puzzle to find the cache, the sneaky hiding place they put the cache, the neat container they made, or the art on the cache itself.

So, my plan is to hide four Halo 3 themed ammo can geocaches in Washington somewhere. Since there’s four difficulty levels in Halo 3, each hide will be harder than the next. The Legendary hide will be extremely challenging and will possibly include a tough puzzle coupled with a tricky and physically exerting hide.

I created some stencils for each difficulty level in Halo 3 that will be spray painted on each ammo can. Once I made the stencils though, I realized that other fans of the series might want them for other reasons… so I’m posting them here! They’re in an Illustrator (.ai) file, so you can change the color and scale as you wish. I’m displaying them as green and yellow since the ammo cans are green and yellow looks good on green, but I may change my mind later.

Anyway, here’s the source file for the stencils… enjoy!

Disclaimer: Although I work at Microsoft, the following has nothing to do with work or is meant to promote any games I’m working on. Remember… these are Halo 3 themed and I have never and currently do not work for Bungie! I’m doing this solely in my spare time and as something I like to do as a hobby. Nothing from my work was used in the creation of anything described in this post.

Wii Homebrew Dash!

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Beer + Wii?I feel bad. I have a Wii, but barely use it. For the first few months of owning a Wii, I played Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii Sports, and eventually Resident Evil 4 (which is better on the Wii than the PS2 or Gamecube, but that’s a different post). I tried to get into the Wii, I really did. I checked out the news and participated in polls, but with long stretches of time with no decent games coming out, I lost interest and took solace in my 360. Plus, the Wii doesn’t give achievements.

A few months ago, I saw that the Wii had been hacked, and the hackers had a video to prove it. Fast forward to today, where Wii homebrew is alive and well, with no mod-chipping required. The Wii homebrew community has matured to the point where tons of documentation is available and it appears very easy to get say, an NES emulator running on the Wii. In fact some crafty coders created something called the “Homebrew Channel” which makes running homebrew apps a piece of cake. After doing a bit of research, I decided to see how long it would take me to get some homebrew apps up and running on my Wii.

I’ll explain all the details in a bit. For now, here are the required supplies:

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Super Duty-o Bros.

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Super Duty-O Bros First Screen

Pretty slick, eh? Finally got around to converting the Mario level I made from Return to Castle Wolfenstein to Call of Duty 4. Too bad there’s some scale issues. Oh well, it might be good enough, we’ll see. A video of the original RtCW map can be found here.